Hi, I am Jessica Fields

In 2004, I went away to school in Washington, D.C. Keep in mind, I am from Houston, Texas where our winters get as cold as 30 degrees or so and we do not get snow. The cold harsh winters wreaked havoc on my skin. At this time, real Shea Butter was a very popular ingredient. I decided to create a lotion or something that would soothe my terribly dried, cracked and irritated skin.

What I didn’t realize at that moment, J Fields Co was born.

I started my beauty brand with a simple yet deeply hydrating and moisturizing body butter which grew to be a best seller. In fact, the Whipped Apricot Body Butter is still a best seller today in my spa and on my online website.

I attended a lot of bazaars and vending events to spread the word about the business and the products. It never failed, someone (usually multiple people) would say look at my skin, what do you think this is? What can I do to treat it? Over time, I was able to make recommendations and learn more about skin but deep down I knew I needed more knowledge.

In 2018, I enrolled in esthetics school to become a licensed esthetician. In 2019, I opened my own spa so I can provide amazing spa services to men and women.

I had done what I never initially dreamed of and that was scaling my business from just making skin and beauty products to providing amazing beauty services.

In that same year, I started to get more and more business owners asking me how I started my product line or where I get my containers from and so forth. It finally clicked, I wanted to teach others the things I learned so they could avoid the costly mistakes and be more profitable from the start.

​My vision is to help beauty business owners and aspiring beauty business owners make more money every day.

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