Hey Beauty Professionals,

If you’d like to create content that makes people stop on social media and engagefor real, then you need to read on...

Here's why:

I’m going to show you how to create NEW content  for your social media pages just like big corporations,  companies and brands are using RIGHT NOW to explode their followings and engagement.

My name is Jessica Fields. I’m a licensed esthetician and spa owner.

I am the lead content creator for my brand.

I was looking at all the cool brands on social media and everyone on my feed seemed to be creating cool content...

They were engaging with their followers, making money... and loving their life obviously!

I started doing research on what tools and techniques I could use to create content and build my brand.

I paid for a coach, I read books and i started implementing what I learned.  Slowly but surely my following started to increase.

I was getting NEW business and NEW clients directly from Instagram and Facebook!


I was finally gaining new followers and keeping them! I was getting new people call or DM me to get on my books and for me to consult with the for the spa side of the business and for the teaching side of the business.

The reason it worked was simple: 

I learned the secret to attracting an audience – instead of ‘chasing’ one.

I had to create content that spoke to my ideal client!

Introducing the

"Content Creation Course"

I created detailed videos to show you how to utilize Canva, and other tools and apps to create the engaging content you need to build your brand.

Canva is by far my favorite tool so I break down exactly how I use this tool to make the amazing content that grabs my ideal client's attention.

I show you tips and tricks that are available in the FREE version and the PRO version.

You have no excuses.

But wait there's more.

You can purchase just the Canva Content Creation video or you can grab the whole Content Creation Course. In the course I show you additional tools and apps to really explode your brand.

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