Licenses, Taxes, and Permits

Let's discuss who needs a license and or permit and what sort of taxes you will be responsible for in the beauty industry.

What to Consider when Starting a Beauty Biz

Niche. Is it important?

Pricing Strategy



Business Insurance

Marketing Strategy

FDA Regulations


Income Streams


Identifying income streams for your beauty business and maximizing your time. 

September 13, 2022

Start your Beauty Business with these 7 Tips


Things you need to think about, invest in and plan out in detail to start your beauty business.


1.    Secure your permits and licenses.


2.    Find and create your business team (lawyer, accountant, assistant, or whatever. Each business is different so consider your business).


3.    Do you really need a location or can you operate online (can you keep products in your home or a storage unit that is climate-controlled).

January 21, 2022

Let’s Create a 12-month Game Plan

for your

Beauty Business. 


Create a

list. What are all the services and products you want to offer this year. Think

classes, workshops, and product launches. Include everything that you think you

will sell.

January 4, 2022

Content Creation


What do you plan to offer for the year? Products, Services or some sort of combination?

What sort of content will you create?

Consider creating quarterly or monthly themes, you can then create sub-themes. This will help you focus or narrow your subject matter down.

December 8, 2021

End of Year Initiatives. 

It is time to evaluate the true costs to provide your services and products. Are you charging the right prices to make a profit? Are you making enough money to cover your costs + pay yourself?

December 3, 2021