Body Waxing is a high demand service and can be extremely lucrative for your beauty business.

You have two options to learn Body Waxing with Jessica Fields. In-person or online.

The Wax Esthetic Course is available as an online study course, to help you hone your waxing skills. You will learn Wax Theory, Techniques, Sanitation and tips to client education for building your waxing business.

The course is broken down into easy to manage lessons to help you digest all the practical information.

You will learn:  

Wax Room Set up & Supplies:

How you set up your wax room and supplies

Consultations and Contraindications:

You'll learn, how to perform a proper consultation, including the waxing intake form, skin analysis, how to know if a client is a good candidate for waxing and how to set proper expectations.  


Body Positioning:  

How you position the client during the waxing service can be the difference between a painful and reduced pain service.


Waxing Skills: 

Learn the difference between hard and soft wax and when you should use both.


Step by Step Wax Demonstration:

Learn step by step how to wax the body.

You also have the option to learn body waxing in person with live models with Jessica Fields in the J Fields Co Spa. The in-person training will give you access to the complete online study course but you will also have in person training with live models.

As a beauty professional are you concerned about things like:


"I am so nervous – what happens if I hurt my client?"

"I want to be the best waxer but I don’t have anyone to teach me."

"I don’t know which wax is the best wax to use on my clients."

"I want to build my client list so I can make lots of money.”

“ I feel overwhelmed when it comes down to waxing.”


Well this course is for you. Most of us beauty professionals were not taught thorough body waxing in school but yet we want to do it!


Waxing shouldn't be hard. You should feel comfortable with your skills and confident knowing you won't hurt your client. Learn wax theory and waxing techniques to safely and quickly remove all the unwanted hair from your clients.  

We understand you want to provide the best waxing service to your clients.


This course puts all the training and tools you need to make your clients feel safe and happy in one place. After this course you should know exactly what to do in your waxing treatment room.  


Wax Esthetics Course Includes:


Wax Theory

Wax Techniques

Wax Course Workbook

Wax Consent Forms

Sanitation Cleaning & Prep Plan

Private Facebook Community Access

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the doors open to join?

You can order this course and start working at any time.

How do I know if this is the right investment for me?

I created this course specifically for beauty professionals who want to add waxing services to their beauty business and for those who want to perfect their waxing skills.

What happens after I hit the buy button for the waxing esthetics course?

You'll receive an email with login information giving you immediate access and the bonuses starting the moment you log on.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have 12-month access to the course as soon as you purchase with 12 week access to the Private  Community.

Can you guarantee results with the Wax Esthetics Course?

It is very likely that if you complete all the course lessons and apply what you've learned, you will be able to start offering wax services in your business successfully. With that said, I cannot "guarantee" - results are on a case by case basis.

However, I do truly believe that what you put into this course; you will get back.

What kind of access do I get to you (Jessica)?

You will have access to me for 12 weeks in the Private Community. I show up daily to answer questions and provide support.

Does the course come with a wax kit?

The online wax esthetics course does not come with a wax kit but you may add one to your cart. Click here for our wax training kits (Hard Wax Kit + Hard & Soft Wax Kit). The in-person wax training class does come with a wax training kit.


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